A Moon Kriya


This is a lovely meditation for energy. It brings an elevated feeling and always makes me smile and as the moon is full this Sunday at 17.48pm the timing is perfect.

When the moon centres in the hands are hit (along with the navel point being pulled and the tongue hitting the upper palate)it brings a clarity and reality. People are always striving to be energetic, to do more, to feel brighter, more alert. This meditation works the other way around; it eliminates fatigue.

Sit cross-legged on the floor or straight-spined on a chair. Bend the elbows down by your side and extend the forearms out in front so they are parrallel to the ground, palms facing up. Make the palms into loose fists with the thumbs on the outside.

Bring the sides of the hands together with a force and hit the fleshy area below the little fingers very forcefully. This is the area of the hand known as the moon centre. Chant Har (rolling the R) as you strike and then twist the hands away again, the rythmic motion is like making two bowls that touch when the moon centres meet. Quite fast, rythmic movement, pulling the navel as you chant Har.

Har is the creative sound of the Universe and builds a lot of heat and energy in the body. Aim for 9 minutes. At the end, inhale, hold the breath, eyes closed. Exhale, still with eyes closed and sit for a moment feeling the prana and energy inside yourself.

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Some easy, some not, all effective.