Healing the physical, mental & spiritual bodies


Healing the physical, mental & spiritual bodies

Here is a meditation for change and transformation. The sensation of being in the state of meditation as the year changes is a spectacular thing. The ethers open and a wonderful timelessness arrives. You literally float in the Heavens.

Use this time to shed limiting thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and memories. None of it serves. We need to be as free as we can to stand up to the next year. With no regret, no fear and without distraction. Use the pain on your shoulders as you work with this energy to burn off all your limiting structures.
I have chosen a wonderful meditation to do over this time:

Aim for 11 minutes, starting 6 minutes before midnight and carrying on for 5 minutes after.

Sit cross-legged with a straight spine. Use a pillow under the buttocks if that helps you to stay vertical. Chin in, chest out. Raise the right arm straight up so it is vertical and hugging your right ear, the palm of your hand faces forward, the fingers straight but split open, two each side of the split. Thumb at a right angle. Stretch your left are straight out to the left side, parallel to the ground, palm facing down, fingers split as on the other hand. Close your eyes and meditate.

This is an amazing and intense meditation. It will be challenging on the shoulders but use your breath, long and slow and mentally or out loud chant Wah Hey Guru to help you to keep going. When you need release from the shoulder discomfort lean forward rather than putting your arms down.

To finish, inhale deeply, hold your breath for 10 seconds as you stretch your arms and your entire body. Exhale and repeat the breath two more times.

This is good to go for 40 days. If you do take it up as a practice alternate your arms each day. So one day left out, the next right out.

This is the most powerful self purification you can do. It can give you complete control of your being. It improves intuition and makes you powerful and healthy.