How to apply

The Mothers Journey is a unique training in the field of conception, pregnancy and birth. The combinations of esoteric teachings, spiritual practice and alternative systems gives empowerment and a wider view to a process that is rapidly becoming over-medicalised and dis-empowered. This speciality training course is for women of all ages. It is of particular benefit to yoga teachers, doulas, midwives, doctors, nurses and, mothers to be, both same-sex and heterosexual.

This course is based on the teachings of Yogi Bhajan and Kundalini Yoga.

If you have no experience of this discipline or teachings it is suggested that you attend a minimum of 6 Kundalini Yoga classes to help you become familiar with the principles.

If you are already a health care professional there may be areas of the course that you are familiar with but there will also be much that you may have not previously experienced. As a prospective mother or an already experienced parent there is much to contribute, to learn and also to move beyond. For same-sex couples there is much to gain from discovering an “empowered pregnancy” training combined with a highly accessible spiritual path.

For yoga professionals: this certification will give you confidence plus a well grounded experience in how to teach pregnancy and post natal yoga. To certify as a Pregnancy Yoga Teacher you will need to attend modules 1-5.

If you are interested in learning various aspects but not all then you can take modules as you desire. Attendance only does not gain certification. There is an exam at the end, to certify.

In the UK the course is eligible for insurance cover through DSC Insurance who work with the Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association to insure all Kundalini Yoga teachers. Participants from other countries are advised to seek professional insurance cover when teaching pregnant women.

To apply for a place in The Mother´s Journey training contact the local organizer, the course is payable per module:  

UK: Carolyn Cowan, tel: 020 8651 3233, Address: 2 Sanderstead Hill, South Croydon. Surrey CR2 0HA
Satya Kaur tel: 00351219616197
Sujjan Prem Kaur
Spain: Nam Hari Kaur, tel:0034 690980539