Module Five: Leadership and Liberation for Women


    Facilitating women only groups, menstrual meditation techniques to strengthen one´s stability, who are we, individually, shadow work and empowerment, women and the power of ceremony. It is an intense personal exploration of our self-concepts, our unspoken contracts and unconscious agreements with our family of origin and our family of choice. We will explore intimacy, anger, fear and resentments. The first day is spent descending in to the rings of our internal hell and darkness, to enable us to come to terms with who we really are, what we block ourselves from, what we carry that no longer serves. The second day focuses on moving forward. Re-contracting with our history, expanding out of roles that no longer serve us. We look at how to run classes, to serve the community, to be a role model for others. his includes work on self-parenting. You create your reality. If you do not like it, change it. Much of this weekend is done in group work. We end the weekend by making our own plan for moving forward.

    The next Module Five will run in London on the 23rd and 24th September 2017

    If you want to book all 1-5 modules in London in 2017 there is a discounted price of £1125