Module Three: The Dynamics of Labour


    The Dynamics of Labour and Preparation for birth as an initiation. Ceremony, rituals and support for the mother, including getting the help you need and understanding how to use it. A large part of this module will explore working with altered states of consciousness to support the labour process: meditations to help you trust your body. Working with endorphins, dopamine and strong meditations for bearing the expansion of labour. What does a hospital birth entail: How to get the best out of the labour experience. Exploring the role of the doula, pre and post-natally and bringing others into the labour room. Partners and the best postures for labour. The Empowered Cesarian. What are your options with the placenta.

    The next Module Three will run in London on the 27th and 28th May 2017

    If you want to book all 1-5 modules in London in 2017 there is a discounted price of £1125