New Career Choices


The MOTHERS JOURNEY as a new career choice

There are many ways to move forward in life, and sadly, many of these ways involve working for other people.

The Mother’s Journey teacher training can be said to be mis-titled… In that yes, it trains you to teach pregnancy yoga. Do the training, an 80 hour, 5 module commitment and tra la:

You can make a serious career change and work, self-employed, teaching and supporting women in the journey toward motherhood and then on into the first year of motherhood.

You can also discover yourself as a woman, who you are, how powerful and potent you are, how much you can affect and change your life and from there, the lives of those around you.

The Mother’s Journey looks at “who are you as a woman?” It is a profound and life-changing, reality-enhancing experience to play in the realms of womanhood in all it’s guises.

Each of the modules explores a different aspect of desire, pregnancy and motherhood through posture, meditation, breath, ritual and ceremony.

We come back to ourselves, “we re-member” ourselves. We come into our real strength and power. This is exactly how I started on my own path. I did the training and from there, ran a class at Peckham Pulse. I regularly had 22 pregnant women in my pregnancy series, and the “mummy and me” class was capped by the Pulse at 30 women and 40 children. It was the wildest fun each week and set me n a path that has been my personal experience of freedom.

We will learn about our bodies, how desire functions within us, our karmic bond and legacy. Rituals around love-making, fertility and pregnancy will be explored. Our bodies will come alive through posture and the power of the breath and in this aspect we will discover how to manage gestational trauma. Food, aromatherapy, healthy eating and life-style choices are a major part of the training, building up over the modules to a comprehensive awareness of how to eat for fertility, pregnancy, labour, lactation and the early months of motherhood.

The last module is titled Leadership & Liberation. This module dives deep into our subconscious identity, all that holds us back and allows us to understand ourselves and our motivations, fears and self-imposed limits.

Since 2004 three of us, Satya Kaur, Elena O’Keefe and I, have run the Mother’s Journey Yoga Teacher Training.

Join us on this legendary journey to self-empowerment.

Change your life, change the lives of those around you!