Taste the Placenta


A few words of warning:

The texture of the placenta is hard, especially the umbilical cord, so it is best to cut it in half or quarters before it is frozen. Store the remainder in the freezer for use later.

If depression is likely to occur, divide the placenta into 8 parts and take over two months in smaller quantities, again splitting the vital umbilical cord into 8 smaller pieces.

The blender needs to be a potent one, and a wide straw is needed for drinking. This is not for a magi mix style food processor but for an upright shake blender with a grinding blade.

In handling a blood product it is recommended that the person preparing the recipe for someone else takes universal precautions, for self protection including using an apron and disposable gloves and mask. All utensils should be sterilized after use.

Placenta Smoothie Recipe

1 Placenta will make approximately 2litres of drink so it can be better to split it in two. To make 1ltr. Adjust quantities accordingly.

Chop the placenta and put into the jug of the blender.
Chop up the chord further as it tends to wind itself around the blades
Add 750 ml of apple juice. Cloudy is best.
1 dessertspoon of spirulina or other green powder.
1 ripe banana for sweetness of honey
Strawberries, rasberries or blackcurrants to explain the red colour!
2 passion fruits for the taste.
1 dessert spoon Flax seed oil

The consistency needs to be that of a thick smoothie so blend well. Really well. The noise/sound is awful, gritty and strong but make sure it is a well blended mix as lumps are unacceptable.

Once a mother has decided to do this with her placenta there is a visceral longing to drink it. The effects are fairly instant, and the colostrum becomes darker within a few hours. It makes an interesting feeling of excitement both instantly and over the next few hours.

It is legal to do this with the placenta in the UK but illegal to dispose of human waste in the normal rubbish bin or toilet. Any discards are meant, by law, to be returned to the hospital for incineration.

Alternative Uses for the Placenta

It can be dehydrated then ground and made in to “pills”. A warning here, the smell of it drying is alarmingly unpleasant. The smell of the child´s umbilical cord drying will give you a taster of just how strong the odor is.

Cook it, like liver. It is the only type of meat a vegetarian would eat without killing. Ethiopians cook and share theirs as, once cooked, it does not contain any contaminants.

Bury it. Plant a commemorative tree or rosebush on top.