To Chant is to Vibrate


To chant is to vibrate, to stimulate, through the use of sacred words, the hormonal flow in the body, to open pathways of energy with in and to elevate the spirit.

Chanting is used in all disciplines, both religious and spiritual. It is used to create ceremony and atmosphere and to bring peace and change; The Gregorian Chants, the Buddhist mantras, the bhajans of the Hindhu’s, the shabads and prayers from the Eastern Gospels are all forms of chanting. Turning prayer beads and repeating I Am is also chanting. It can be repetitive, monotonous and deep, it can be soulful and soaring, it can be Gospel singing and it can be bright and alive, all the while the principle is elevation.

The power of chanting mantra. 

When you concentrate on a mantra, either silently or with sound, you gain supremacy over the mind. It may be news to you to imagine that you would want to be dominating your mind, but all stress, depression, fear, anger and emotional pain is a direct result of the mind having control of your thoughts.

An example would be waking up and immediately thinking fearful or depressing thoughts and letting those thoughts trash your morning. Giving them space to become ugly horrors that take over your mood, your reactions and feelings so that very quickly you are depressed. If you take a step back and watch the process you can see that you have allowed the mind to run riot with a thought. Choose to watch the mind, rather than being immersed in it, and you can see that it is like a naughty child. Temper tantrums, misleading thinking, and endlessly going off into hideous futures that never materialize.

This is where chanting mantra becomes a great tool.

Mantras are words of power.

Mantras have been used over millennia by millions of people. They are words from prayers and empowered thoughts that we can use to train the mind and elevate the consciousness. We can chant mantras for healing, for prosperity, for protection, to calm ourselves, to elevate our consciousness… the list is long.

Traditionally there is a number of times that the mantra is repeated. If it is a bhajan or a shabad, verses from scriptures, then there are set repeats of between two and five times. If it is a short prayer or a line from a prayer, then it is multiples of 108, but having said this, there are specific mantras that would be said 5 times for transformation. It is a huge feast and the less said and the more experienced, the better.